Yahoo Tackles Social Bookmarking (tagging) with Yahoo My Web 2.0 Beta

Yahoo recently launched Yahoo My Web 2.0 Beta.  The new social bookmarking (tagging) search engine marks Yahoo's entry into a world currently dominated by social bookmarking / tagging sites such as and

Yahoo's move is an indicator of the exploding interest and growth of social bookmarking / tagging, Technorati, as well as being possibly the beginning of a new phase in the movement.

According to Yahoo, Yahoo My Web 2.0 Beta allows you to:

  • Create your own personal searchable web
  • Tag and save content that matters to you
  • Find better answers from the people you trust
  • Connect to friends and share what you know
  • Search or browse to discover what your community knows
  • Discover what the world has tagged and shared
  • Browse the 30,786 pages and 12,888 tags that have been shared (as of July 5, 2005)

This may very well mark an evolutionary turn for search engines as well.  Many bloggers are pointing out how it is to Google's or Yahoo's advantage to lock people in to their social bookmarking systems.  This will produce a brand-loyalty, since your bookmarks and your friends' bookmarks will be tied to a particular search engine.

Try Yahoo My Web 2.0 out at: