Clickalyzer's Web Traffic Intelligence Gets Even Better

Update 10/27/2010: Clickalyzer was a great analytics service at the time this was written, but they later seemed to go downhill after some changes and I eventually stopped using them. I now recommend Google Analytics. It's free, and it works well.

Clickalyzer has been updating their already powerful Web Traffic Intelligence (WTI) web site tracking and analysis program.  I've been using Clickalyzer for over a year and have been extremely impressed with their traffic analysis - and even more with their technical support.

With WTI's powerful tracking system, you can drill down into your traffic data like never before. Imagine saying, "Show me all the traffic today that came from Google, stayed 5 minutes on my website, read half my sales letter, visited my features page - and then became a sale" - and then see exactly what those visitors did!  This is an impressive program that will really help you improve the effectiveness of your web site.  You will know exactly what works and what doesn't.