Search Engines Gearing Up for Video Searches and Services

First blogs, then podcasting... now streaming video over the Web may be the next big thing.  Wired News has an interesting article about the search engines gearing up for video searches and services.

Yahoo, Google and MSN have all rolled out services that make it easier to upload or locate video online, and a handful of startups and independent film sites are creating tools to make putting video online nearly as simple as publishing text.

Yahoo launched a beta version of a service called Media RSS.  The new service lets anyone with footage submit videos for distribution, providing an easy way for "mom and pop creators of video" to connect with people who might be interested in viewing their content.

Google is currently running a beta version of an upload program that lets anyone submit videos electronically to its Google Video site, so long as they own the rights to the work. The company said the videos will be made available on its video search site, but has not specified a date.

Microsoft's MSN launched a video search site last fall, and recently announced an agreement to publish videos distributed by streaming provider Ifilm.

Tiffiniy Cheng, co-director of the Participatory Culture Foundation, says, "We want to make uploading a video as easy as blogging."

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