Joint Ventures: Are You Looking For Good JV Opportunities?

Pre Launch Recruitment....

I'd like to warmly invite you to a massive list building exercise that is launching on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 and that ends on September 30, 2009. It's called The Massive Summer  Giveaway.

This is how it works:

1.  Contribute a free gift (something that can be accessed online, like ebooks, audio, video, membership site access, etc.) to the "Manage Gift" section.

2.  Next, provide a means for your members to signup on your subscriber list and get their gift. You will want to be able to set up an autoresponder for this task.  If you do not have an autoresponder, I recommend AWeber.

3.  Make sure your links work correctly and then join the rest of the team to promote the site on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 when we launch at 9:00AM EDT.

4.  (Optional but recommended)  Set up a special offer for one or more discounted products in the "Special Offer Management" section.  Special offers are rotated and presented to people when they first log in to pick up their gifts, so this is a chance to make some additional money.

The Massive Summer Giveaway is going to be one awesome event - and I'm glad you can be a part of it.  A lot of JV giveaways these days are only up for a week... but this one is going all summer, which gives you a great opportunity to build your list.

You can also make some hefty commissions by promoting this event too. Contributors are offered a chance to upgrade from free to paid status (with some great extra benefits).  We are paying 50% commission for every upgraded Contributor (75% if you also upgrade).

All you need to do to get going is sign up by following the link below ==>

Become A Contributor To The Massive Summer Giveaway

Fill out the form you find there with your name and a valid email address and create a username. Look for a confirmation email immediately after signing up so you can confirm by clicking the link provided in the email.  Your password will also be emailed to you.

See you on the inside and we'll build a massive list together!

P.S.  Need products that make perfect gifts or special offers?  Resale Rights and Private Label Rights products are perfect for this, and you can find tens of thousands of dollars' worth of both at Gigantic Resale Rights and

P.P.S.  Don't forget you can rake in some hefty commissions by promoting The Massive Summer Giveaway! We are Paying 50% Commission for every upgraded Contributor that signs up under your link and upgrades (75% if you also upgrade).  Sign up for the Massive Summer Giveaway NOW!