Struggling With Writing Autoresponder Emails? Here's The Simple Way...

Instant Niche Emails virtual boxOkay, I admit it. I hate writing emails for autoresponder sequences.

We all know "the money is in the list," but that doesn't really make it any easier to sit down at a blank screen and do all of that copywriting, does it?

So when Dave Vallieres told me he had a 'secret weapon' that helped him create 52 weeks of autoresponder messages for each of 79 newsletters in 79 different niches, I perked right up. Turns out he was using Lisa Preston's Instant Niche Emails and loved it.

If you're not following up with your website visitors, you're losing untold amounts of money. How much would a rabidly hungry, loyal list of niche subscribers be worth to your business?

With Instant Niche Emails, you won't need to ever sit at the computer again, scratching your head over what to mail to your lists. Instant Niche Emails will help you create email messages for your autoresponder - personal emails your subscribers will love to read and that will generate a feeling of trust for you and your business.

Just plug these into your autoresponder (you do have an autoresponder, right?) and you're ready to rock and roll...

The latest version, Instant Niche Emails II, can also be used to create 52 blogging posts, podcasting scripts, 9 articles and your own original special report or ebook to hand out to folks who sign up to your list.

This is a GREAT email marketing and internet marketing tool. It greatly simplifies an often challenging task that is absolutely essential for your online business, and it does its job well. And that's about the highest compliment you can pay any Internet marketing tool.

Check out Lisa Preston's Instant Niche Emails...