Are You Making Your Email Subscriber List Hate Your Guts?

Barry Densa has a a great article over on CopyBlogger, How to Keep Your Email Marketing List from Hating Your Guts.

We all know "the money is in the list," but how do you email your list often enough to make that money without making your subscribers hate you? This is the challenge Barry takes on in his article.

Here are a couple of warning signs Barry points out:

  • "If your email open rate is lower than the relative humidity in the Sahara Desert..."
  • "If after every send, your list shrinks faster than cotton underwear in a hot water wash..."

Is this happening to you? Then you may be "a degenerate email marketer, a pest and a plague to your list..."

It's an amusing but accurate article that probably applies to 90% or more of the email newsletters I subscribe to. I'm sure I'm occasionally guilty of some of these email marketing sins as well.

Barry makes an interesting point when he suggests that you compare your emails to the ones you hate getting - you know, the ones in that junk email account you never read because it's full of what you perceive as spam (even though it's not really spam because you actually subscribed to all of those lists). Are you making the same mistakes those marketers are?

He makes an even more interesting point that it's all about finding the balance between building relationships and selling, and about respecting your subscribers' time and attention.

Check out How to Keep Your Email Marketing List from Hating Your Guts, it's worth reading.

P.S. I just posted about a great email marketing tool that you might find useful. It helps you write email messages that won't make your list hate your guts. Check out Struggling With Writing Autoresponder Emails? Here's The Simple Way...