Increase Search Engine Traffic With Article Announcer

Internet Marketing Tool to Increase Search Engine Traffic

Graphic of Article Announcer Box- increase search engine trafficOne of the best ways to increase search engine traffic is to write articles (or have someone write them for you) and to get them published all over the Web.

Publishing articles will increase search engine traffic in two ways:

1.  If you make sure your article title and article body contain keywords people search for frequently, links to your articles will be in the search results for those keywords.  If people like your article, they will come visit your web site from the link in the resource box at the end of your article.

2.  Web sites with many incoming links are ranked higher by search engines.  You can get hundreds or even thousands of links pointing to your web site from keyword-rich pages.  And since you control the keyword density in the article title, article body, and in the anchor / link text, the search engines will rate the links as very high quality links.

But how do you get your articles are published widely (so that you can increase search engine traffic!) without having to spend many hours submitting to article directories, mailing lists, and webmasters?

There's a great new tool, Article Announcer.  This tool, from Jason Potash, well-known creator of Ezine Announcer, has quickly become one of the best-selling Internet marketing tools.  Internet marketers are raving about how well it works.

Learn how you too can increase search engine traffic by easily getting your articles published across the Web with Article Announcer...