Web Application Developers - Google's Web Accelerator May Cause Problems For Web Applications

37 Signals is reporting that the Google Web Accelerator may cause some big problems with web apps and anything with admin links, delete buttons, cancel buttons, etc.

Google’s Web Accelerator is designed to speed up web page downloads.  The speed is actually an illusion created by the accelerator pre-fetching content.  It scours a page and pre-fetches all of the content behind the links on the page.

What's wrong with that?  Well...with web applications, you probably don't want to click on every link, but that's essentially what it does!  Imagine if there's a button or link that says click here to cancel your subscription, or click here to cancel your order.  Or maybe click here to delete all entries in your shopping cart.  Google also ignores any Javascript warnings asking you if you are sure you want to do something!

Some of the comments on this article are very interesting too.  For example:

What about web analytics software?  Will it show many hits that aren't real?

What about ads?  Will it affect impression counts?

One person commented they couldn't use web mail because as soon as they logged in, Google Web Accelerator clicked on the sign-out link and killed their session.

Another person said they had a company database with leads and the Google Web Accelerator deleted some of their leads!

SomethingAwful.com has already seen an issue where cookie-based authentication was being bypassed and users were being sent cached copies of other user’s screens when looking at forums.

Another person pointed out it will be a real problem if someone goes into phpmyadmin with this - all the drop tables and almost everything apparently are GET requests.

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