More Controversy Over Google's New Web Accelerator

Geek News Central notes that Blog News Channel has even more on the controversy over Google's new Web Accelerator.  Blog News Channel observes that Google is essentially going to be caching the entire web and serving up their copy!  Is this paranoid?  I don't know, but it's raises questions about where smart business ends and Big Brother begins.

Already people are apparently seeing problems when they click on links in forums.  Some are actually seeing other people's sessions and private data!  They are looking at what Google cached when someone else viewed the page.

I suspect this is something that just wasn't well thought out on Google's part.  Being a software developer, I can see how this may have seemed like a good idea.  But it may be that no one really thought out all the implications with regard to web applications and web services.

Still, some are pointing out that Google may well start doing active highlighting of keywords in your content, cached on their servers, and getting ad revenue by selling those links.

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Update on 5/12/2005:  Google stops deployment of Google Web Accelerator...