Google Talk Launches

Google launched their long-awaited Instant Messaging (IM) and computer-to-computer voice chat service, Google Talk, this week.  With Google Talk, not only can you send instant messages to your friends for free, anytime, anywhere in the world, you can also talk through your computers.

Google Talk is based on open standards, and will work with smaller networks that are based on the same technology. Text messages can be exchanged with users of Apple Computer Inc.'s iChat, Cerulean Studios' Trillian and the open-source Gaim program.

Google is inviting developers to build Google Talk technology into their software.  They would like to see developers build it into computer games, productivity applications, and anything else they can think of.

Currently in a beta version, Google Talk only works on PC's running on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, though Google does eventually plan to release a version for Apple's Mac OS X.

For voice chatting, Google Talk requires that both the caller and recipient have speakers and microphones connected to their computers.  It is not an Internet phone service (Voice Over IP - VoIP) like Vonage or Skype.  Google Talk does not support calls through telephone systems.

Google does not plan to interface Google Talk with other major instant messaging providers.  But since it runs on opens systems, developers could develop cross-system interfaces.  Since the other major instant messaging systems have the user base, interfacing Google Talk with other IM and chat systems, games, etc. should provide some excellent opportunities for some sharp developers!

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