Google Toolbar PageRank Is Coming Back

Google toolbar PageRank (PR) displays seem to be coming back today.  They had been grayed out for several days, with webmasters speculating whether there was a problem at Google, a PR update coming, or whether it signaled the end of PageRank.

So far my sites don't seem to have changed in PageRank.  They have neither gone up nor down in PR, and newer pages that didn't have PageRank showing yet still don't.

Most people around the Web aren't seeing too much of a change in PageRank.  But some people in the SEOChat forums say they do see changes in PR and, in some cases, in the number of backlinks shown by the Google toolbar.  Some are reporting somewhat lower PR and less backlinks showing.

Though I wish it was coming back with my PR higher or with pages I've created since the last big PageRank update showing new PR, I am glad to see the Google toolbar showing PageRank again.  I'm surprised at how much I missed it and how much attention I pay to it when visiting other websites.