Google AdWords Disabling Keywords Because They Were Not Successful For Others!

Have you ever had keywords in a Google AdWords campaign disabled when they have had very few impressions?  I know I have, and I've often wondered why.  Sometimes they were even getting a very good CTR (click through rate), but they were still disabled very early for no apparent reason.  There is an interesting thread in the forums at Search Engine Watch about this phenomenon.

It seems that Google's algorithms will try to determine as early as possible whether they think a keyword will be successful, and they may even base it on someone else's unsuccessful campaigns!

This is very interesting, as it assumes that just because one advertiser didn't have good results for a keyword, no one else is likely to either!  I disagree with that, but it does explain what I have seen on occasion...and it tells me that maybe it is not too practical to try to revive those keywords!