Free Solo Ezine Ads

If you've been around online marketing very long, you know that ezine advertising is one of the best ways to market your products or services - and you know that solo ezine ads are the best of those.  Solo ezine ads are ones sent all by themselves, not even part of a regular ezine issue.

The problem is, solo ezine ads are often fairly expensive.  Especially if you are new to online marketing, they may be priced out of reach.

But what if you could send solo ezine ads for a few dollars?  Or what if you could even send FREE solo ezine ads?

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, author of Marketing Success with RSS and Blog About This! just told me about a service that she's had great success with -

Tinu has definitely caught my attention over the past few months by giving me some of the best advice on improving web site traffic with blogging and RSS that I've ever seen.  So when Tinu told me that she normally gets better results with free solo ezine ads from than when placing the same ad elsewhere, I knew it was something to definitely check out.

I surfed right on over to, and I'm impressed with what I see.  So how do you place low-cost and even free solo ezine ads there?  Here's the scoop:

  • All ads are solo ads
  • Maximum length = 50 lines at 60 characters per line
  • Low-cost solo ezine ads range from $2 for 100 subscribers to $25 for 4000 subscribers - pretty darn reasonable!
  • Subscribers to Solo-Ads can earn FREE solo ezine ads by:
    • Reading and clicking on links in emails (subscribers average just 3 emails per day)
    • Referring subscribers to
    • Referring advertisers to

All in all, it's a pretty sweet deal.  With Tinu's recommendation, I didn't hesitate for a second in subscribing.  Getting ready to send my first solo ezine ad out through them now...

Learn how you can send out FREE solo ezine ads...