Facebook Launching New Messaging System

Facebook is launching a new messaging system that many are already calling The Gmail Killer.

Mashable notes, "The new messaging system is composed of three parts: seamless messaging, cross-platform conversation history and the social inbox... users can send and receive messages via mobile, IM or Facebook."

According to Facebook, their new messaging system will be rolled out over the next several months by invitation.

Maybe Google should be getting worried. More than 4 billion messages are already being sent every day through Facebook, and Hitwise says that Facebook is now the #1 most visited site on the web making Google now #2.

For many people, email has devolved to a constant war on spam, leaving the world ready for a new communication system. For many, Facebook has already been fulfilling that need as the primary communication method with friends and family. Time will tell whether Facebook's new messaging system will drive more nails in the coffin of email.