eBay ProStores - New Online Store-Building Solution

eBay just announced a new online store-building solution, eBay ProStores.  eBay ProStores is aimed at eBay sellers who would like to expand their Internet marketing businesses outside of the eBay marketplace.

eBay ProStores allow any eBay seller to add an additional internet marketing sales channel to their selling strategy, complete with full integration with both eBay and PayPal.  eBay sellers can use ProStores to create and manage their listings on eBay and in their ProStore online store. eBay buyers can go through a seller's ProStores shopping cart and secure checkout process to pay for their eBay purchases from that seller.

New ProStores subscribers will receive a one-month free trial subscription, and eBay Store sellers will get a 30% discount on their ProStores subscription fees for as long as they subscribe to both.  There are several levels of service, ranging from $6.95 per month to $249.95 per month.

Learn more about the new eBay ProStores Online Store-Building solution at ProStores.com...