Download Old Browser Versions To Check Cross-Browser Compatibility

So you know you need to test your new web site in different browsers, and you've tested it in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera...but do you know how it would look in Netscape 4.x?  What about Internet Explorer 3?

Just how far you want to take cross-browser compatibility is a judgement call.  You can tell some things from your web site logs, but you have to decide whether you're going to change your site design because a couple percent of your visitors still use an old browser.

But do you even know if it is an issue, short of looking at browser compatibility tables?

Ever wish you could get a copy of an old browser version so you could check?

Now you can.  The Browser Archive seems to have just about every version of every browser ever made.  You can download any of them.

Now you won't have to wonder what your web site would look like in Mosaic 2.11!  You can download it and see for yourself.

For browser compatibility made simple, visit the Browser Archive...