Create Viral Brandable eBooks from PDF Files

Brandable eBooks are one of the most effective ways to create free viral marketing. For years, people wished there could be an easy solution to create brandable PDF eBooks. Now the wait is over...

Brandable eBooks have "tags" in them that can be branded by other people with their Web site or affiliate links by running an included branding tool.  With eBook branding, people can make money by distributing your eBook.  This helps your eBook spread on its own, like a traffic virus, but of course in a positive way (not like a computer virus).

It used to be that you could only brand ".exe" eBooks.  This is a great option, but the problem is that .exe books only run on PC's running Microsoft Windows - they will not usually run on Apple computers, on Linux, on UNX, etc.

For years, people wished there could be an easy solution to create brandable PDF eBooks.  PDF (Portable Document Format) eBooks can be viewed on any platform with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software that is included on just about every computer made.  PDF eBooks are also generally viewed as much more professional than .exe eBooks, as PDF is the format of choice around the world for eBooks, reports, and many other documents.

Now there is a really excellent tool that will brand PDF eBooks, allowing you to easily create brandable eBooks and viral marketing campaigns.

Just like the .exe branding tools, you simply include tags in your eBook and then distribute the little branding tool with your eBook.  The branding tool itself must still run on a Windows PC, but the branded PDF eBooks will work on any computer with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader... which is almost every computer in the world.

We highly recommend you get a copy of this tool today and begin creating your own brandable viral PDF eBooks...