Autoresponders Are One Of The Top Online Marketing Tools

One of the top online marketing tools in an Internet marketer's tool chest is an autoresponder or, more accurately, a sequential autoresponder.

The old direct marketing saying (which is still quite true) is "the money is in the list," meaning the subscriber or customer list. Marketers have found that there is a much higher response when people are exposed to repeated follow-up.

This is especially true on the web, where the likelihood that someone will bookmark your site and actually return is very low. Because of this, you want to get people to subscribe to your email list, which is then usually driven by an autoresponder.

A non-sequential autoresponder sends out one single message in reply to any email. These used to be used somewhat commonly for Internet marketing but are not used nearly as much today except as "out of office" notifications and things like that.

What you actually need nowadays is a sequential autoresponder. When someone subscribes by email or (more commonly) by filling out a subscription form, they receive an automated response from your autoresponder.

Usually they then have to confirm their subscription before the rest of the subscription continues. This is to reduce spam complaints and to give you a record of their confirmation if there ever is a spam complaint.

Once the subscriber has confirmed their subscription, they start getting a pre-written series of emails which are automatically sent at various timed intervals. In other words, they are sequential.

Usually the Internet marketer can also send emails on-demand as well, for less canned messages or more time-sensitive messages such as sales or news announcements.

There are two basic ways to do sequential autoresponders:

1. You can purchase software and run your own autoresponder from your server, or

2. You can use a third party autoresponder service that uses their servers.

I strongly recommend that you use #2, a third party autoresponder service, for three reasons:

1. Keeping up with regular server software upgrades can be a pain, and each time there is a chance you will "break" something and spend hours of frustration trying to fix it.

2. Email delivery rate is a huge problem. Many ISP's flag certain emails and even whole domains for spam based on automated scripts. Often these scripts mistakenly flag email as spam even though it is a subscription-based newsletter. This can get all email from your domain banned, so none of your email will get through to anyone on that ISP. And many times these lists are shared across ISP's. Getting blacklisted can virtually shut down all mail to your customers and potential customers.

Reliable third party autoresponder providers spend a great deal of time working with ISP's to ensure their email delivery rate is high. And if there ever is a problem, it affects their IP address rather than yours. The rest of your email should not be affected.

3. Web hosts have been known to shut down people's domain with virtually no evidence other than someone's complaint. This happens a lot, and can be disastrous for an Internet marketer. With a third party service, all complaints are normally directed at them, and they are used to resolving such issues.

There are a wide variety of different third party autoresponder services around. But for years, the gold standard has been AWeber autoresponders. AWeber autoresponders are easy to set up and use. They are extremely professional in their service. And they work hard to maintain the highest delivery rate in the industry. I have used AWeber for years, and strongly recommend them.

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