New Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings

Ask Jeeves, Inc. recently announced Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings.  Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings is a new search engine marketing product that will allow advertisers to purchase, manage, and optimize search engine advertising campaigns on Ask Jeeves and its advertising syndication network.  Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings replaces the Company's Premier Listings product with an open-auction system that they say will provide easier access for a diverse range of search advertisers.

Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings advertisers will continue to receive premier placement on Ask Jeeves above Google AdWords, which will also continue to be distributed on Ask Jeeves. The system is immediately available to existing Ask Jeeves advertisers, with general availability slated for August 15th at:

Ask Jeeves also expects to launch Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings for the United Kingdom on within the next 12 months.

Ask Jeeves Inc., a property of InterActiveCorp (IACI), is the 7th largest global web property according to ComScore Media Metrix (June 2005).  The Ask Jeeves portfolio includes:

  • Ask Jeeves (, and
  • The Ask Jeeves Japan joint venture (
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids (
  • Bloglines (
  • Excite (
  • iWon (
  • My Way (
  • Fun Web Products (

Ask Jeeves also owns proprietary search technology Teoma, as well as natural language processing, portal and ad-serving technologies.

Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listing advertiser benefits include:

  • Premium placement on Ask Jeeves and its syndication network
  • Low spend minimum that enables both large and small advertisers to purchase search advertising via a self-service system
  • Increased visibility into campaign performance, enabling more effective management of campaigns

Developed using proprietary Ask Jeeves and third-party licensed technologies, Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings provides:

Extensive reach:

  • With only a 13% average audience duplication between Ask Jeeves and other major search engines, Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings enables direct advertisers, agencies and Search Engine Marketers (SEM's) to reach Ask Jeeves' unique (unduplicated) audience and its syndication network of high quality partners
  • According to Nielsen/NetRatings (May 2005), the Ask Jeeves network reaches nearly one-quarter (25%) of the total online population

Ease of use:

  • Automated system provides control over purchasing, management and campaign optimization
  • Instant campaign activation and a 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Streamlined interface and user-centric workflow enable customers to make informed and effective purchasing decisions

Multi-campaign management features:

  • Advanced spend management options including daily or monthly budget limits
  • Bidding system enables greater control over placement within paid listing results
  • Real time campaign reporting and account alerts
  • Automated click fraud protection
  • Bulk-loading support for large keyword lists
  • Standard creative format minimizes the need to create new ads specifically for Ask Jeeves